A Special Wedding in Beach Haven, NJ

By richie
May 19, 2024

This past Friday, I had the honor of DJing a very special wedding in Beach Haven, New Jersey. This one was particularly close to my heart because I know the bride and groom, Stefanie and Rob, personally. I’ve had the pleasure of performing at several weddings for their families, including those of Rob’s brother and sister. Additionally, I’m good friends with Sal, the father of the bride, which made this event even more meaningful.

The wedding ceremony took place on the beautiful beach at 8th Street in Beach Haven. Given that this venue was 3.5 hours away from me, we made sure to leave extra early to account for traffic and setup time. For this beach setup, we rented a generator to power our equipment and provided the sound. Joel and Megan from Rustic Drift did an amazing job setting up the chairs and making the beach look absolutely stunning.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Ricky Restiano, a talented photographer I’ve known for a long time. We have a great professional and personal relationship, and he captured some fantastic moments from the day.

After the beach ceremony, we headed over to Parker’s Garage in Beach Haven for the reception. We had already set up our sound and lighting at Parker’s before the ceremony to ensure everything was ready to go.

Inside Parker’s, we had a top-notch sound system, impressive lighting, smoke effects, percussion, and a live saxophone player. The reception was a huge success. Sal’s speech was exceptionally emotional and moving, with some humor sprinkled in, and the maid of honor and best man delivered speeches that were right on point. The atmosphere was perfect, and the food was fantastic. Bri and her staff at Parker’s did an amazing job. Having vacationed in LBI for many years, I had been to Parker’s for dinner many times, but never for a wedding, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!

The dance floor was packed all night long. The bride and groom looked stunning together, and the energy from the guests was incredible. Everyone danced the entire time, and we even had a special moment where the fathers of both the bride and groom played the drums! We played a great mix of oldies, along with some Spanish and Italian tunes, which kept the crowd on their feet.

I received numerous compliments throughout the night about how this was the best wedding many of the guests had ever attended. It was truly an unforgettable event, and I’m grateful to have been a part of Stefanie and Rob’s special day.

Until next time,

Richie Gagliardi
Founder, DJ Live