Hughsonville Rocks

By richie
March 23, 2024

Event Recap: Hughsonville Fire Department Installation Dinner Party

Another year, another opportunity to light up the night for the brave men and women of the Hughsonville Fire Department. As the beats dropped and the dance floor ignited, Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls, NY, became the epicenter of celebration, recognition, and pure party vibes.

For years, I’ve had the honor of DJing this annual shindig, and let me tell you, it never disappoints. This year, the event was hosted at Villa Borghese, all about honoring the fearless firefighters who risk it all for their community.

Villa Borghese, founded by cousins Gino & Stanley Porco, and now managed by their sons Joe & Paul Porco, stands as a testament to decades of helping the Hudson Valley commemorate life’s biggest moments. And what bigger moment is there than celebrating the courage and dedication of our local heroes? I have known Stanley, Gino, Joe, and Paul for many years, having done countless weddings there, and it is always a great experience.

As the entertainment for any event, the mission is clear: to keep the energy high, the beats pumping, and the smiles wide. For this party, we provided sound, dazzling lighting, percussion, smoke, and even a photo booth for added fun, turning Villa Borghese into a party paradise.

The Hughsonville Fire Department members are not just heroes in uniform; they’re also seasoned party animals. And boy, did they bring the heat to the dance floor! From wild moves to impromptu shoulder rides, the energy was electric, and the enthusiasm contagious.

Before the party got going, awards were handed out, honoring long-time members, and recognizing acts of bravery and heroism from the past year. It’s these moments that remind us of the selflessness and sacrifice that define the firefighting community.

But make no mistake; this wasn’t just a night of formalities and speeches. It was a night of letting loose, celebrating life, and showing gratitude to those who put their lives on the line every day.

As the festivities came to a close, one thing was clear: the Hughsonville Fire Department knows how to throw one heck of a party. And I, for one, am already counting down the days until next year’s installment.

So here’s to the brave men and women of the Hughsonville Fire Department, to Villa Borghese for providing the perfect backdrop, and to the power of music to bring people together in celebration.

Until next time, keep dancing, keep celebrating, and above all, stay safe.

Richie Gagliardi

Founder, DJ Live